Laundry - but cleaner!

Say goodbye to bulky plastic bottles and messy spills! Our eco-friendly laundry sheets are a convenient, planet-loving alternative to traditional detergents.

Formulated with the environment in mind, SAVE EARTH Laundry Sheets are phosphate-free, biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals. You can trust that your laundry routine is as gentle on the planet as it is on your clothes.


To supplement our Laundry Detergent Sheet range, we have developed an enzyme-based, ultra-powerful stain remover powder!

Blended with eco-friendly ingredients, SAVE EARTH Eco Oxi Stain Remover Powder makes whites look brilliant and works on even the toughest stains - all whilst being good for the planet and kind on sensitive skin!

SAVE EARTH is revolutionizing the way to do laundry through our innovative and plant-based detergent sheets. It is a zero waste and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional liquid and powder detergents on the market. Take a step towards the greener side of life; No mess. No harmful ingredients. No plastic packaging. Simple!