Q: How do I use SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets?


A: SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets are easy to use. Simply add one sheet to your washing machine along with your clothes and start the cycle. The sheet will dissolve during the wash cycle, leaving your clothes clean and fresh.


Q: Are SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets environmentally friendly?


A: SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets are designed to be more environmentally friendly than traditional laundry detergents. They use less water and packaging, and contain natural, biodegradable ingredients.


Q: Are SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets safe for sensitive skin?

A: SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets are made with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients, making them safe for sensitive skin. However, it's always a good idea to check the ingredients list before using any new laundry product, especially if you have known allergies or sensitivities.

Q: How many laundry detergent sheets do I need per load?

A: The number of laundry detergent sheets you need per load can vary depending on the size of your washing load. Check the package instructions for recommended usage, but for an average-sized load one sheet will usually suffice.

Q: Can I use SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets for all types of fabrics?

A: SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets are safe to use on all types of fabrics, as well as with all colours and whites. However, always check your clothes label or manufacturer's website for specific instructions or warnings.

Q: Do SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets work as well as traditional laundry detergents?

A: Yes! SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets have been tested to be just as effective as the leading traditional liquid or powder detergents.


Q. What are the ingredients for SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets?

A. SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets contain the following ingredients:

Anionic Surfactants
Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone
Q. If the sheets are eco-friendly, why is there a warning label on the box?
A. SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets are a highly concentrated laundry detergent. Once the sheets have been through the wash, the ingredients break down and become non-hazardous to the environment. However, if someone were to place an unused sheet into a fish tank (for instance), the sheets would dissolve into the water and make it unsuitable for aquatic life.
Remember, these are still laundry detergents - they should not be eaten or rubbed against the skin in their unused form. This is why we include a label warning, as required by UK law.


Why Choose SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets?

The world is changing at an alarming rate - so why are we doing things in the same way we always have?

Here Are Just Some of the Benefits of Introducing SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets Into Your Laundry Routine

Saving The Earth

Who would have thought it with a name like ours, eh?

SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets are made with only natural, plant-based ingredients, which are biodegradable and massively less harmful to the environment than traditional detergent ingredients.

Made in the UK

Unlike most 'eco' laundry detergent sheets on the market, our product range is tested, developed and manufactured right here in the UK.

This saves THOUSANDS of transport miles every year!

SAVE WATER Eco Laundry Sheets

Because SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets are pre-measured, there's no chance of overusing the detergent (which can lead to excess water usage during the rinse cycle).

This actually saves water and reduces your overall environmental impact, without you even realising it!

Plastic; not so fantastic!

12 million tonnes of plastic finds it's way into the ocean each year. This means that at current rates, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish (by weight) by 2050!

We are do things differently here - traditional liquid or powder detergent often comes in large plastic bottles, which can contribute to the degradation of the seas.

SAVE EARTH Eco Laundry Sheets come in recyclable and biodegradable packaging, which reduces the overall amount of waste generated.

Kind... but STRONG

Just because our sheets are produced with natural ingredients and derived from sustainable processes, it doesn't mean there should be any compromise on efficiancy.

Against the leading laundry detergents out there, our detergent sheets came out equal or better on 8/10 stains (at a low temperature wash).

And even the 2 were close, to be honest...

Still not convinced?

How about a FREE box on us?

Register a monthly subscription through our website, and not only will you receive a box of 30 sheets through the post each month, but we will also send your first one for FREE. View our catalogue below to find out more!